Relationships in 2017

I want to start off by apologizing that I have not posted anything for a few weeks. I have been taking classes, and that has taken up most of my free time, but I am back now!

For a while I gave up social media, for me it was consuming too much of my life. It is truly sad how often we find ourselves online and not in the real world, and the toxicity it can play into our relationships. Do no get me wrong, it can definitely be a great tool. Especially for those of us who are not around our loved ones constantly. But what is the price we pay?

I did not go on social media for about two months, and I was quite surprised how easy it was! I was also surprised at the amount of people who told me they wish they could quit too. I recently came back too and all the negativity came with it. It can be excruciating when you can not be with your spouse, but you see all the adventures your friends and their significant others are going on. But when you look deeply at it, how much of it is it for show? Now before I go any further I am not judging people for using social media or the things we post, I am going to admit some things I have done that I am not proud of. These are just my opinions, no need to take them to heart.

I will bag on myself before I start talking about others. I have no joke gotten into a fight with my husband that he does not post about me enough on social media. Now who is that for? He tells me he loves me every single day, why do I need the world to know about it? I think if not all, most of us can admit we have gotten excited for an event because we know how many likes it will get us on Instagram, because I have been told by the kids I nanny for and my sister-in-laws that Facebook is for “old people” anyway moving on. It is this show that we put on for the world. I know of marriages that are deeply on the rocks but when it comes time for one of their birthdays they are the perfect couple for social media.  

What really got me thinking about all of this was when my girlfriend was telling me how she wants that “story book love” or in 2017, the perfect social media love. There was a time in my relationship with my husband that I wanted that. We did not have the big white wedding, we got married at a court house. Every time I saw one of my friends getting married on Facebook I was comparing our weddings and it hurt. It was not until my husband and I were over at one of our married friends homes for dinner that I realized something. In the midst of them fighting in front of their company, someone that got the big white wedding compared to the small wedding we had, I felt pretty damn lucky for the person I had next to me.

We can wish, hope, and pray for what we think we want because of what someone posted, but things are never how they seem. It is not fair to compare your relationship to something that is not even real. What is on your Facebook wall is not as near as important as the quality of connection you have next to you.  If you have interest to quit social media, just delete the apps, everything will still be there. Its truly incredible how freeing you can feel. Do make sure you still check out blogs however. 


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