The time is finally here that everyone has been patiently -and at times not so patiently- waiting for. It is crazy how time can feel like it is going by so slow but when it actually gets here it can seem, how did we actually get here. Looking back at these past six months, thinking of all that has happened, I realize all the things I learned through this journey. Truthfully I can say they took me by surprise.

The interesting thing is that when I started this deployment I was ready for my husband to leave. As terrible as that sounds we were at a place in our marriage where I knew the time apart would do us good. I knew I would miss him but I thought that I have done this before and made it out okay, why should this time be any different? It overwhelmed me with how much I heartbreakingly missed my husband. I don’t know why this time was different but it was agonizingly harder than other times. I spent such little time with my husband prior to the other separations that with this one I knew the life I was missing out on without him. However that leads me to my next point, the support system that made this time bearable and even enjoyable.

First off, a special thanks to my very best friend. We have known each other all our lives basically but this was the first time we actually lived as close as we do. We probably saw each other more these past six months then the entire seventeen years -I think, my math may be wrong- we have known each other. This time showed me how much value she brings to me. I truly don’t think I could have gotten through this without her. Another thanks to my family, the amount of love and support they have given me meant the world. With that being said…

This time also showed me who my true friends are. I had many friends reach out and I always appreciate people just checking up on me, telling me we were in their thoughts and prayers. There were certain people in my life that I always reached out to check on and be there for them. When I was not even given that same consideration it showed me not to put effort into others that won’t put effort into you. You don’t need to waist time, effort, or energy on people who negatively impact your life.

I learned a lot in these past six months. I have grown into a better person and I hope a better wife. To truly appreciate my husband, and the people in my life that took care of me in this time. To not take time, life, or people for granted because everything is so precious. A special thanks to everyone reading this and listening to me, this has really been a great outlet for me. After saying all that I am definitely great full that this time is over and that my heart will be complete again.

Now that is all I have to say on this topic… for now.


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