I am a newly wed Marine Corps wife trying to navigate my way though this crazy life I have gotten myself into, while trying to keep myself emotionally stable. I started this blog for a few reasons. First off I love writing, always have. Quite often I have found it very therapeutic as well. I have also noticed in my time as a military wife that friends and family don’t understand many aspects. No one can fully understand the life of a military spouse unless you are one, but I wanted to create something that made that gap a little easier. Lastly my hope is to help others going through a similar situation. When I first met my now husband, I was alone. He was stationed in a completely different side of the country than I was on and I had no military friends. That is my hope, to help others not feel so alone, that what you are going through and what you are feeling is normal. That you will get through this and come out the other side.

DISCLAIMER: As I said I am a newly wed, I have also only been with my marine since Oct. 2014. I do not claim to know everything about the military, marine corps, or being a wife. These are just my experiences and my thoughts, please take them as you will.

If you need someone to talk to, vent to, have any questions, or have any topics you would like me to discuss, please message me. My inbox is always open.


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